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howdy - Bay Area Diving

Jun. 17th, 2004 02:40 pm howdy

woo! Looks like I'm the second member? Hopefully this is (or will be?) an active community. Of course, if I find just one person to dive with, that will be enough.

About me:
I've only been diving since last fall, but I'm now PADI Advance Open Water certified. My experience is all of 11 dives, all in Thailand. But I'm not at all put off by the conditions here. In fact, with the right gear I'm willing to try anything - cold, night, murky, deep. I've wanted to be a diver my whole life, and just got started, but I plan to make it a hobby that I do as frequently as I can. Hooking up with other regular divers is the first step! I live in East Oakland, work in Downtown SF. In the past few months I bought a house, so funds are a little tight, but I'm dying to get in the water again soon. Also, I don't currently own my gear except a mask, snorkel, and a dive computer. I'm interested in some advice about what gear to buy next, and where to get it.

Hope to hear from some other local divers soon!

Best ~ AB

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Date:June 18th, 2004 11:52 am (UTC)
Welcome!! There's just you and I at the moment. I only started this group about a month ago though.

I'm Morgan. I live in Newark (so we're pretty close). I've been diving for about 14 years now but had a 10 year break in there. I'm working on my Instructor certification (SSI) from Wallins Dive Center on 101 & Holly St. in San Carlos. They have a dive club that meets once a month, club dives monthly, fun dives monthly, gear rental is about $50 a day (wetsuit) and about $80 a day (drysuit, but you have to have cert for that)

I just got my advanced and do my Stress & rescue next month, then start my asst. instructor in Aug. I'm diving July 10th, it's a one tank night dive, off a boat, in Monterey, it's a wallins club dive! Then the 17th is S&R dive day, and 24th I was going to dive Monestary, but I have something else that came up now.

Let me know when your up for a dive, july 25th? we could hit breakwater. I'm usually ready to get wet!! when was last time you dove? Do you have ANY cold water exp?

Monterey is some of the BEST diving in the World, it's cold, vis sucks, but the life is soooooooo abundant and diverse that there's no place like it (and vis isn't really that bad).

Date:June 18th, 2004 05:37 pm (UTC)
Sadly, I have no cold water experience. But I'm ready. I've heard the sealife in Monteray Bay is awesome. I've done some surfing in cold water, that's about it. I'm not easy put off by temperature or discomfort in general. I've done a lot of winter hiking, skiing, camping, etc. I'm also pretty fit, so my system can take a good deal of strain.

Eventually, I want to get my own gear for local conditions, because I plan to dive here a lot. I guess I should try a dive with a wetsuit, get cert for drysuit, try that, then buy something after knowing what both are like. I guess before that I could buy BCD, fins, regs, compass, knife, light, cylinder ... ? Any recommendations on that process? I am I just better off renting?

I can be sure to keep July 25th open. Should I reserve rental gear ahead of time? It will be cool to dive locally with someone that knows what's up, saves me from blundering around trying to figure it all out myself. I'd also like to figure out what my next PADI certs should be. Sounds like drysuit is a good place to start.

Do you recommend that shop for buying gear? I'd rather by locally at a place that will be friendly and helpful, instead of a place that that has attitude, or getting gear online where there's no relationship. Can you even buy gear online? I haven't checked much. Figured I'd see what people recommend first.

Have you posted an announcement for this community in any of the more general diving communities? Might drum up some business...

Thanks! ~ Aaron
Date:June 22nd, 2004 09:47 am (UTC)
Ok, DON"T buy gear online. The warrenties are NOT valid on most scuba gear if bought online. Wallins is a great shop, everyone is fun & frienldy and they do a LOT!

The 25th is a go! Most dive shops only have you reserve gear a week in advance. But you have to own your own Mask, Fins, snorkel, booties and gloves, they do NOT rent those.

Drop me an email at roguishdevil@speakeasy.net and lets set up arrangments, time to meet at my house, time we want to be in water, etc. I'm diving almost every weekend in July so will be fun!!